Future Operators Membership

Future Operators Membership

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If you are not open yet, are still in the planning stage, or if you need start up advice and/or help with your opening, you can still join AIP. We offer a "Future Operators" Membership at a cost of £300 a year, billed in 4 quarterly instalments of £75.

At the end, or at any stage during that year, if you open for trade you will graduate to becoming an "Operator Member" and fees of £195 per year will be payable thereafter. When you open you will not continue paying the £75 per quarter and will only pay £195 per year thereafter.

Should you not progress to becoming a full AIP member, the whole year is payable.

What you get:

  • a one-to-one half hour consultation an experienced operator
  • access to our Trade Member offers
  • access to the Operators Facebook Group (read only)
  • access to the AIP Trade Facebook Group
  • AIP newsletter, access to zoom library and podcasts as well as zoom calls, educational sessions and regional meetings.