Why indoor Play is good for your child's mental and physical health - ahead of World Mental Health Day, 10th October

Why indoor Play is good for your child's mental and physical health

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, 10th October 

Did you know this? Free play is REALLY good for your children’s mental health. Children who spend more time engaged in adventurous play have fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, according to recent research.
AIP talked to Gordon Forester, Owner of Safari MK and Safari Adventure Play, whose centres were designed by one of the biggest indoor play manufactures in Europe.

"Our centres are specifically designed to give children opportunities to stretch themselves. There are easy, medium and hard parts to the play equipment which allows them to play freely, use imagination and interact with other children. Even basic things of discussing who will go across a piece of equipment improves social (and negotiation!) skills. We have a massive wide range of free play equipment at Safari from role play, karts to a massive play frame that has every piece of equipment a child could imagine. Our Peterborough venue is the largest indoor play venue in East England".
Free play is something that is very hard to measure, but a vital part of your children’s development. You may even be delighted to hear that it is good for your children to play without you right next to them! This is where they often learn the most. Some of the direct benefits are:

  • Social skills: Playing in a group environment encourages children to develop their social skills at their own pace. This teaches them how to communicate with others.
  • Physical activity: Whatever the weather, indoor play areas provide a range of physical activities for children take part in. As well as keeping kids healthy, having the opportunity to engage in social and physical activities increases confidence and character.
  • Boosts imagination and creativity: Play improves imagination and creativity in children by encouraging feelings, growth and interaction.

It is great news, which we all know already, that play for children is really good for them. The even better news is that Play is good for Adults as well so you can have fun as well as reaping the benefits – read more about why HERE

So in honour of Mental Health Day on October 10th head down to your local softplay!


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