AIP demand answers from DCMS after Wembley fan footage

AIP demand answers from DCMS after Wembley fan footage

AIP demand answers from DCMS after Wembley fan footage

The Association of Indoor Play Members reacted with outrage after live videos from Wembley show fans in close contact and singing whilst indoor play centres in England are still not allowed to hold children’s parties or sing happy birthday.

In a letter to senior officials at DCMS the Association stated:

“Our members are currently very upset with videos circulating from inside Wembley, this video was taken prior to the match starting and is a bit of a kick in the teeth to our sector to say the least. This is is one particular video shared this evening and we can absolutely validate it as genuine. 

We have seen NO communications or offers of media support from UK GOV / DCMS to help our sector and we seem to have been pushed aside in favour of those who sit at the right table. We have seen additional funding going to other sectors and individual businesses that far outweigh anything we have had.

We have continually offered to help in anyway we can to ensure our centres our safe and have never had a response, or the fact that we have also suggested COVID secure gatherings that seem to be classed as illegal by certain EHOs yet they don’t breech the rule of six. This was also discussed with your team last year and we had a negative response saying it would not be possible, yet the gatherings didn’t differ in anyway to our normal opening.”

In an industry that is down 30% in revenue due children’s parties being prohibited and with VAT due on the 21st of June, furlough ending and business rate relief coming to an end, tensions are rising in a sector dominated by small family owned businesses who are facing potential bankruptcy.


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